How to draw the Mercedes-Benz G-Wagen clipart

To begin, we will learn how to draw a Mercedes clipart. The drawing can be considered complete at this point...

Here also draw the panel for the license plate. At this stage we will draw a clipart in detail the doorway, the radiator grille and after this will be finished, the remaining time we will devote to the detailed drawing of the tires and rims.

Putting the circle in the square.

This is what we will do. I am sure that no one will find it difficult to draw a clipart what is shown in the figure. It's easier, than draw a BMW M5 car.

Step 2 The second step is quite simple - we will outline the windshield, the left fender and the front of the long hood. After that, based on the previously drawn oval, we will create the shape of the large air intake and then draw the bottom part of the bumper.

Image:  Hum2D

Step 3 Here, too, it's simple: Then we start a little design of the huge radiator grille, making room for an equally large Mercedes badge.

Step 4 Let's start with the three-pointed star, the badge, then add the shape of the wheels, headlights, and two more small air intakes, in the front bumper.

Step 5 How do you feel? One example of a timeless classic among cars can safely be called the Mercedes-Benz W year - it is almost a legend.

That's why it's worth practicing how to draw a Mercedes Benz clipart on it. Start with the hood - it is necessary to carefully outline characteristic rectangular headlights and grille.

And then - the interior with windshield and side mirrors. Finishing chord is drawing wheels, bumper and small details like door handles and antenna behind, like we did in Audi R8 clipart. And, of course, it all needs to be painted - for contrast with the past neutral shades we'll use bright blue color.

How to draw a Gelandewagen clipart step by step?

Gelandewagen - SUV for all occasions The Mercedes Benz company is known primarily for its sedans. However, one of their SUVs you will recognize, as they say, from a thousand - we are talking, of course, about the famous Gelandewagen.

So let's figure out how to draw a Mercedes Gelendwagen. At the end of the step let's draw the fender over the wheel, located on the side end. In this drawing lesson, really almost all the lines are straight and even.

If you want to distract yourself and draw something simpler, we recommend the lesson on how to draw a Halloween pumpkin. Well, for those who decided to stay here, we suggest to look at the photos for this step and move on:

Step 7 We continue to work on the side of the car, use only straight, straight lines, no smoothed corners in this step.

Here we also outline the edge of the windshield and draw the side mirrors.

Next in turn is the underside of the car and the wheel arches. Further we draw door handles, hood lines, bottom part of front bumper, wheel disks and, of course, three-beam star. That's all, the car is ready. You can also paint this image.

You can draw the Mercedes-Benz like that: you don't want to start scratching out the drawing here, because on a rough blurry sketch there is a chance to correct the drawing by either distorting it or changing the perspective a little bit.

Here I have enough crooked turned out.

But for the first time will do. Before somewhere we will paint over, eraser erase the sketch so that it was barely visible, but it is better if this little fragment in memory will keep.

Areas with little contrast just shaded. First the lightest layer and under the darkest and under the lightest areas. Then the next layer, darker, and so on.

Where there is a great contrast of black and white, glare or reflections for example, imagine that there is no glare and shade with a gradient. Nothing even if it is a very black color rubber wheels for example.